Double-A, Double-C, fourfold-fun with six events in 2017:
Alpe Adria Classic Challenge

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Friendly competition, warm hospitality and no frontiers; a different cultural approach to our sport , finding alternatives to habits and tired formulas;  a continuous injection of fresh ideas and seldom-seen empty roads beckoning.

                                                               Interested, anyone?

A maxi-region to travel the length and breadth, from glaciers to lakes and finally the sea,  peaceful hills dotted with vineyards to  turbulent gorges with streams of a thousand different speeds and directions.     Introduction
Italy: Triest
Video >> Sunrise to Sunset - Trieste
Italy: Gorizia
Video >> friuli venezia giulia - gorizia
Austria: Wörthersee
Video >> Lust auf Wörthersee

Dvorac-Laduc-s-uredjenim-francuskim-vrtom-1024x682Croatia: Sv. Nedjelja, Zagreb
Video >> Poezija Zagrebačke županije

Slowenia: Bled
Video >> Summer in Bled, Slovenia

Austria: Villach
Video >> Imagefilm der Stadt Villach

Too much for a single race, such richness and beauty  can surely animate several episodes during the year.
Alps, Balkans, Mediterranean, blended to perfection for your enjoyment; empty, twisting roads leading to breath-taking and always-changing scenery.  You, your classic and a bunch of like-minded, multi-cultural petrolheads let loose on the tarmac.   

The AACC was born almost spontaneously in a grey November evening, following an agreement signed by the  1.C.A.R.Team of Ferlach in Austria, Club Codelli of Ljubljana in Slovenia and  Club dei Venti all’Ora of Trieste  Italy.

The events of the above mentioned founding members together with a new partner, Club Gorizia Automoto Storiche, Görz, Italy, have formed the Alpe Adria Classic Challenge in 2016.
In 2017 the AACC-series will be upgraded by another classic car event, organized by the club AM OTK "Stari kotači", in Sv. Nedjelja, Croatia.

The year 2017 will bring a new and interesting series of events for classic cars based on six events, all of them having different characters and new features, but all of them have one thing in common:

                              a heart for the classic sport and for old automobiles.

These six events will form the Alpe-Adria-Classic-Challenge 2017:


AACC-Events, organizers, organizer's websites, Date
Videos of the events
Trieste-Opicina Historic
Club dei Venti all’Ora, Trieste
Trieste-Opicina Historic
1.-2. April 2017

Date of AACC-evaluation;
02. April 2017
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trailer  2015 

video 2016

Colli Goriziani Historic
Club GoriziaAutomotoStoriche

22.-23. April 2017 

Date of AACC-evaluation;
23. April 2017

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PROMO 13° Colli Goriziani Historic

1.C.A.R.Team Ferlach  
11.-13.Mai 2017

Date of AACC-evaluation;
13. Mai 2017
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9. Internationale Karawanken Classic Rallye 2016

KLEINEN ZEITUNG-TV vom 21.05.2016
Croatian Classic Marathon    
AM OTK „Stari kotači“,Sv. Nedjelja,

27.-28. Mai 2017

Date of AACC-evaluation;
28. Mai 2017

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Croatian Classic Marathon   
Slovenia-Classic-Marathon Club Codelli, Ljubljana
10-11. September 2017

Date of AACC-evaluation;
11. September 2017       
go to Video of Miha Vrhunec
Slovenija Classic Maraton 2014
1.C.A.R.Team Ferlach  
24. September 2017 
Siegerehrung AACC 2017
go to TV-report 2016
Saisonfinale beim Kärntner Classic Cup und Alpe Adria Classic Challenge 2016



Route planner
Triest-Opicina Historic Colli Goriziani Historic FIZZERS-Karawanken- Classic
Croatian Classic marathon Slovenia-Classic-Marathon TAFRENT-Classic-Sprint

No fear, the six established events will maintain their independence, and special efforts will be devoted to the continuous refinement of individual characteristics and peculiarities; but for those crews wishing to enter the Challenge, additional competition and more fun will be available in the form of a special Challenge trophy with separate classification.   

The diversity of the approach to competition, superb entertainment and hospitality based on the common root of the grace that characterized the Old Empire will be, according to  the organizers, the strength of the Double A - Double C Challenge; and good value-for-money must be surely an added bonus in these turbulent times, as you get an additional chance for more fun and more prizes by the separate classification.     

The organizers of the AACC strongly believe in the possibilities of this agreement. The Challenge will rely upon their combined organizational skills and their different background and experience; no doubt, for the participants of all four events it will be certainly a new and enriching experience and newcomers will be welcomed in the same way as old foxes and seasoned competitors.

In 2017, the final awards ceremony will take place near the Italian- / Slovenian border, in Villach, AUSTRIA on 24th of September after the conclusion of the TAFRENT-Classic-Sprint.

                                                       Please expect endless toasts to the

        Double-A, Double-C, the Alpe Adria Classic Challenge

                                                           and great plans for the future!  


Regulation and entry form for


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To take part in the ALPE ADRIA CLASSIC CHALLENGE please complete the entry form for AACC (30 €) given below.